Frequently Asked Questions

Please check this section for answers to the most common questions we receive

Where can I get the pipes/tubes/poles/conduit for use with these connectors?

Our connectors are designed to fit the 3 common electrical conduit sizes available in the South African market : 20mm, 25mm and 32mm conduit. Locally available conduit typically conforms to the SANS standard – SANS 61386-21 and will fit the corresponding connector.

The 20mm and 25mm conduit are easily found at electrical wholesalers and just about any hardware store. – Independent stores and chain stores including: Built it, Builders Express, Builders Warehouse, Cashbuild, DIY Depot, Leroy Merlin, Mica etc

The 32mm conduit is not as readily stocked at hardware stores. Best to go straight to your local electrical wholesaler.

What size conduit is right for for my project?

PVC conduit bends more as it gets longer. To limit flex, use thicker conduit.

For a rigid frame, conduit lengths should not exceed:

  • 1m for 20mm conduit,
  • 1.5 for 25mm conduit
  • 2m for 32mm conduit

When using thinner conduit (20mm) for larger projects, add cross bars to to increase rigidity.

Check back soon for a video demonstrating the conduit flex of the three sizes mentioned at 2 meter lengths.