Glen’s second attempt at Krakty hydroponics saw success with an African Birds eye chilli plant grown in a net pot inside a large glass jar. Once the plant reached about 30cm it could no longer support itself in the winds preceding a typical Highveld storm.

Glen built a frame a little taller & wider than the plant & Jar and secured the main branches to the frame to support the plant in windy conditions. He’s draped a 40% shade netting over the frame to protect the plant – this has seen the plant through the harsh South African midday sun and a couple of Highveld hailstorms.

This frame is kept stable on the ground with bricks laid over the base, this can also be accomplished by filling the base of the frame with sand or securing the frame to the ground with some PVC saddles and pegs.

Glen plans to extend the frame concept to other plants that require training and will probably use trellis netting tied to the frame to enable this