LED Grow Light - 15W Generic Supplemental Full Spectrum Light

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This is a generic low power full spectrum hanging grow light. Marketed by the manufacturer as a 45W light, real power at the wall is 15W. This light is excellent for starting seedlings (up to about 10cm) or as a supplemental light (Should not be used as the primary light source for a mature plants)


  • Power: 15W
  • Number of LED: 144leds
  • LED Color:
    • 144leds:UV:6pcs + Infrared:6pcs + White:6pcs + Blue:36pcs + Red:90pcs
  • Light Spectrum:
    • Red:640nm
    • Blue:460nm

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low heat output, additional heat extraction equipment is not required
  • Longer life expectancy than Incandescent, HPS and most Halogen Lamps
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