Dog Agility Jump Clips (Pair) - 32mm - White

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Introducing Dog Agility Jump Clips, perfect for your DIY agility course. These clips are the essential tool for any dog agility training setup and are designed to allow for ultra flexibility when adding a cross bar to your jumps. These clips allow the cross bar to be placed at any height, and because the cross bar rests in the cup (instead of being secured to the vertical) this greatly reduces any chance of injury to your pet when a jump is not cleared.

Whether you are a professional trainer or a pet owner, these jump clips are the ideal choice for anyone looking to improve their dog's agility training setup. So, why wait? Get your pair of Jump Clips today and give your furry friend the training they deserve!

These clips are sized to be clipped onto 32mm Vertical pipes.


Material : PET-G

Size: to fit 32mm pipe

Colour: White

Infill: 100% for optimal durability

Quantity: 2

Please note these jump clips are 3D printed products, they are printed on demand, please allow additional prep time (1 to 2 days) for orders where more than 1 pair have been requested

This product makes use of Vojta Vogo's Dog agility tube support design and is 3D printed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license, with the amendment of a 100% infill (instead of the recommended 20%)

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